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Product Information
  VACCO SERIES OIL is a kind of highly refined oil which is an oil-soluble ,heat-stable compound contraining heavy duty extreme pressure additives. For that reason ,it can be operated at a high temperature .Besides ,it contains anti-rust additives and has a low carbon-forming tendency .Therefore ,it is ideally designed.

   For most vaccum pumps, rotary vane as well as screw-type air compressors.


 Energy saving .
Reduce machinery maintenance.
Avoid formation of gums in moving parts.

Main Performance

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Tên SKU Giá Thumb Nail Mô tả Cập nhật
CASSIDA FLUID VP 100 VP 100 Gọi để biết giá Dầu bơm hút chân không an toàn thực phẩm.Chứng nhận thuộc nhóm H1 (NSF). Xem chi tiết
Diffusion Pump Fluid Diffusion Pump Fluid Gọi để biết giá Chất lỏng silicone cho bơm chân không khuếch tán,ứng dụng cho ngành mạ. Tốc độ tạo chân không nhanh, không bị ô xi hóa ở nhiệt độ cao. Không ảnh hưởng tới bề mặt mạ sản phẩm. Thời gian sử dụng lâu. Xem chi tiết
GS 77 vacuum pump oil gs 77 Gọi để biết giá GS 77 vacuum pump oil is a parrafin-based mineral oil with special additives for improved oxidation resistance and wear properties. Recommended for use in single stage rotary vane pumps for pumping air, inert gases, water vapor and solvent vapor (when use Xem chi tiết
SMR-100, ULVAC VACUUM PUMP OIL SMR-100 Gọi để biết giá SMR-100 is a mineral based vacuum pump oil specially manufactured with low viscosity for smooth starting at the cold temperatures. It is recommended that only SMR-100 be used on ULVAC's small oil rotary vacuum pumps. Xem chi tiết
Vacuum Pump Oil - Grease 35rf Gọi để biết giá R-80 is a petroleum based vacuum pump oil for general use created for both cost effectiveness and quality through hydrogenation improvement and high vacuum rectification processing. R-80 is a cost effective product with high general applicability. When u Xem chi tiết

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