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Textile Industry Oil. Non-staining water soluble high speed textile and spindle Oil. Ensures good performance at 20,000 rpm and maintains low operating temperatures. Available in SAE 5w10 & 20 or ISO 20 & 68.
-Water Soluble
FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22 is water soluble and will
emulsify in cold water eliminating the need to use detergent or hot water to remove machine oil stains. FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22 will not affect dyeing operations or form scums when finished work is dyed.
-Prevents Static Electricity Buildup
FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22 is an excellent anti-static agent and will not form gummy residues hen used for both thread and machine lubrication .
-Fling Off Prevented
FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22 will remain in position despite speed fluctuations ensuring maximum protection. FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22's built in wet-ability and high cling power forms a tenacious film avoiding fling off at high speeds with out risk of thread br eaking.
-Saves Energy
FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22's V.I. additives ensures low viscosity without thickening and will not form hard sticky energy consuming deposits. Selected slip additives reduce drag, increase efficiency reducing heat.
-Oil change period extended
FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22 has out-standing oxidation resistance giving longer life than ordinary machine oils.
FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22 will give excellent performance as a textile and spindle lubricant. 140 is suitable for machine sump and oil can lubrication.
FUKKOL TEXTILE FORCE 22 has been applied with considerable success to high speed wood working equipment to prevent gum build up on machine beds, cutter blades and band saw blades, especially where timber with high sap content is being processed.

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